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How to Deal with Your Child when He is having an Anxiety Attack?

Even well-meaning parents who don’t want their child to suffer can backfire and make things worse for their worried child. Parents doing their best to shield their children from the terrors of the world. Follow these guidelines to break the cycle of anxiety in your child’s life.

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The greatest method to help children with anxiety isn’t to try to eliminate the circumstances that bring it on. The goal is to teach them how to cope with their anxiety and carry on with their daily lives to the best of their abilities despite their condition. And so, your level of worry will gradually fade.

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Do these particular things!

If something is known to induce anxiety in a youngster, don’t avoid it.

As much as it may help a child in the moment, protecting them from their fears only serves to strengthen their worry in the long run. Let’s imagine a young child is put in an awkward circumstance and begins to cry, not out of any desire to manipulate anyone but because it’s how they feel. Children learn to deal with their fears if their parents remove the source of their anxiety. And that cyclical pattern may well continue.

 Set reasonable, optimistic, expectations.

You can’t reassure a child that they’ll do OK on an exam, enjoy themselves when ice skating, or avoid ridicule at school by telling them that their worries are unfounded. However, you can assure them that everything will turn out fine and that they are capable of handling the situation. As they confront their anxieties, though, they will find that their anxiety levels gradually decrease. They may rest assured that you won’t ask too much of them if you set reasonable expectations like this.

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 Recognise their feelings without giving in to them.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that validation is not synonymous with agreement. If a youngster is afraid of the doctor because they need a shot, it’s important to respect their feelings but not play into their anxiety. It’s important to show compassion and empathy, listen carefully, and clarify the source of their worries before giving them the confidence to confront them. The message you want to convey is, “It’s okay to be afraid; I’m here, and we’ll get through this together.”

Please avoid leading inquiries.

Get your kid to open up about how they feel about things, but avoid asking leading questions like “Are you nervous about the big test?” Is the upcoming science fair causing you any anxiety? Asking leading inquiries like “How are you feeling about the science fair?” will just add fuel to the fire of worry.

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Don’t add to the kid’s anxiety.

You should avoid sending the message, either verbally or nonverbally, that “maybe this is something you should be afraid of.” Consider the case of a child who has had a bad experience with a dog. You may worry about their reaction the next time they are around a dog, and inadvertently convey the idea that they should be fearful.

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