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This policy focuses on how we utilize personal information. We respect your privacy and recognize that many of your personal information are shared with us. We take all necessary precautions to secure your personal information and will never reveal it to a third party. Any personal information you provide will be utilized to complete your order. Except for mandatory facts at the time of purchase or usage of our services, no further abuse of your information occurs.

Rxgenericpharma, we demonstrate our credibility by protecting our clients’ privacy. This Privacy Statement describes how we utilize personal data that you supply to us or that we gather from our website during your visit. We update our Policy on a regular basis to guarantee that your information stays secure. As a result, it is suggested that you examine this Policy on a regular basis to stay up to date on any changes.

Use Of Cookies

We can access the information about the users with the help of cookies. To gather the information about the visitors, we use these cookies. This helps to collect the entire information about the visitors in a simple way. Using cookies, we may learn about your general internet usage. When you visit the site, these cookies are saved on your computer’s hard disc following the download. Such information has nothing to do with your personal information and cannot be used to identify you. It is statistical information that does not monitor, store, or identify individuals. If you do not want to accept cookies, you may go to the settings and change it. Go to your computer’s settings and enable the refuse cookies option.

Use of Your Information

We collect and utilize your personal information to help us maintain our user relationship with you. We also administer your account and give you full access to the site, gathering and properly using your information. The processing of your personal information is done with a legal basis in mind, which includes amicably fulfilling legal duties between parties while providing you with the platform. We use your personal information to supplement the sale of material on the platform with the fulfilment of contractual obligations between both parties to expedite your purchase.

Additionally, we could use your information to enhance the platform, run our company, notify you regularly when our terms and conditions change, provide new features and updates, create personalized content for you, and enhance our offers. We may also adjust how machine learning is developed and used. Your whole information will be used in accordance with contractual requirements to enhance the platform and services.

If you make a change in your profile settings to discontinue receiving personalized marketing messages, the marketing message will still appear on the platform.


Your password and personal information are safeguarded, and we take care of your security and privacy. Make sure no one misuses your account or your personal information by using it in an unauthorized manner. Prevent unauthorized access by safeguarding your password. When you’re done with your account access, properly sign off your account.

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